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Sacred Sales

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Sacred Sales | A High Integrity Consultative Sales Approach

Selling is something we all need to do if we are in business. Learn how to be more confident in selling by learning some basic principles and a structure to carry you through any selling situation. You will learn in depth:
  • The motivation for all purchasing decisions – and how to use that motivation to super-charge your sales
  • How to make sure you are not wasting your prospect's time or YOURS
  • The 5 Keys to qualifying a good prospect
  • The 4 Probes that unlock your prospect's fear of making a decision
  • The 5 steps to the sale and how they carry you through the process so that you can pay attention to your client
  • To transform the fear of closing, how to see objections as your friend
  • How to overcome and transform serious objections that can keep you from closing a sale


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